Praia, the capital of Cape Verde with its 200’000 inhabitants, has many stories to tell from the past to the present. Nowhere else in Cape Verde does the colonial era merge with modernity as impressively as in Praia. Discover the capital and the beautiful south of the island of Santiago with Strela Tours. Stroll across the old plateau of the capital, make a trip to the first capital of Cape Verde, the Cidade Velha, or discover the coasts of the south. For night birds, Praia has a variety of restaurants, bars or clubs.

Tours starting from Praia:

Santiago Island Tour

Island Tours

Águas Belas Boat Trip

Boat Trip
Beautiful Boat Trip to the cave of Aguas Belas. If you wish, you can have a fresh fish at the Beach!

Natural Park of Serra Malagueta

Easy hike for everyone! Beautiful views around Santiago North. Walk along the forest of the Natural Park.
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